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The machine mounted with heavy body, XY axis assembly M1.5 precision rack, imported servo motor and reducer, imported electronic saw and high power air-cooled spindle motor. This machine is suitable for processing many kinds of materials, such as aluminum, solid wood, acrylic etc. Sk-2060ws is equipped with Shanghai Weihong special CNC system, compatible with international standard G code file, support a variety of mainstream CAD/CAM files and standard industrial model design software.

Model SK-2060WS
Table size 2010×6010mm
Working size 2000×6000×330mm
Spindle aircooling 4.5kw
Electronic saw Italy imported
Drive system PMI linear rail, Z axis TBI ball screw, XY helical rack
Max. Speed 60000mm/min
Air clean and dry air
Air pressure requirements 90Psi/16Cfm
Power 380V, 50-60Hz ,90Amp
Format G Code or HPGL
Weight 3900KG
Package 2280x6300x2400mm

Relevant accessories

Electronic saw and spindle: imported from Italy, suitable for many kinds of metal and non-metal materials. High power air cooled spindle is mounted with strict dynamic balance treatment.

Whole aluminum vacuum adsorption table: the surface after milling treatment, long-term use without deformation, suitable for the precision requirements of special finishing industry.

Servo motor and reducer: Panasonic DC motor :1kw high power servo drive, motor and reducer directly connected, can maximize the torque in the case of a certain motor power. Equipped with original Panasonic driver, the whole mechanism runs more smoothly, higher speed and precision, more stable and reliable, maintenance-free.

Weihong control system: using Weihong online control system, human-machine interface friendly, easy to learn and use. Large capacity, fast transfer of complex files, good stability of the system, high precision of motion control, and breakpoint protection function when power off.

Hand wheel::
1:Universal db-15 core interface, plug and play, can connect to all kinds of CNC products
2:Strong anti-interference ability, long distance signal transmission, 3 meters hand wheel line
3:Accurate pulse output
4:Resolution: 100R/P
5:Magnetic attraction

Gear/rack structure: we design high-precision rack drive structure, professional technicians use professional precision instruments to install and debug, according to the standard process, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine

TBI screw: imported original screw, we use Taiwan original TBI high-precision trace elimination screw, large diameter, high repositioning accuracy.

High precision guide rail: Taiwan PMI linear guide rail, double slider load bearing, high precision, large allowable load, high rigidity in all directions, simple lubrication structure, automatic centering ability.

Automatic tool setting instrument: high precision, high speed, obviously improve the processing efficiency.

Central refueling system: automatically add lubricating oil to guide rail, screw rod and other parts on time and in quantity, which is economical, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

Atomizer: used for cooling and lubrication, can effectively protect the cutter and improve the workpiece processing surface finish.

The frame is welded with industrial steel tube, box-type structure with large bearing capacity. Using special instrument to eliminate welding stress, ensure high precision planer processing, no deformation, and accuracy is guaranteed. The fame with heavy self-weight, can ensure no shaking and stable under high-speed operation. Professional team of mechanical structure design, structure science, generous appearance.