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About us

Signright is one of the major factory based companies in producing CNC cutting bed  serving Sign,Advertising,Woodworking fields in China,we have been developing, marketing and offering service to dealers,users both in and out of China for over 10 years,to create values for users is the first thing in our mind when we supply product and service,we always believe that strict quality control,doing business honestly and strategically is the only way surviving future. Our lines of product keep increasing with years of continuous efforts,at present there are CNC Router specialized in sign,woodworking and stone machining,Computer Cutting Plotter for either normal Vinyl sticker or Diamond grade 3M film, and CNC Laser.


Signright is run by a group of well organized people with ambition, responsibility, and experiences, most of our engineers and workers come from units of military industry who have over 10 years of related experiences,we are not only good in conventional products but also the diversified machines of made to order,customers are always happy with us. With agents widely spread in dozens of countries,well managed stock with enough spare part, and excellent teamwork by English Spoken stuffs, we have successfully and will continue to supply most valuable and flexible service promptly.


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